Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Young Woman's Blues

No time to marry

No time to settle down

I'm a young woman

and I ain't done runnin'  round!

Bessie Smith / Young Woman's Blues  ( 1927 )

( click on image to enlarge for detail )

The 3 Muses Challenge:     Create a digital image inspired by words

The How:

PSE 2 / I created the back-ground curtain of 12 abstracted layers from photo images of Harlem , New York that I found in the NY Public Library Archives; 1 of them was a PD image of a cubist-inspired cloth design from the period by  Sonia Delaunay and 1 a  royalty-free rayed effect for back- lighting .

All the images of the women were taken in the 1920's period; and are all from the NYPL Archives/10 Layers of photos

They include performers Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith, Josephine Baker and Florence Mills.

The group on the left - Vivienne, Phyllis and Ethel are members of the Northeasterner's Women's club.  Behind Bessie is a chorus line.

The Font:     Zelda, natch! ...... as the old song goes...who could ask for anything more?

Total layers:     24




  1. Your collage is incredibly fantastic! What a great idea to join all these wonderful women in one image. And the quote is great! - Thanks for letting us know all the credits, it's very interesting to know how you have made your work!

  2. Oh my goodness this is one wonderful collage of incredible women and I love how striking it is in black and white. So so well done.

  3. Wow this is fantastic.
    Impressive piece.

  4. Ah, the divine Miss Bessie Smith (and friends). Your collage is wonderful and the words fit the picture so perfectly. Thanks so much for telling us how you created the piece. I am in awe at the amount of work you have put into it but the result makes it well and truly worthwhile.

  5. Ah, Chris (and thank heaven I don't have to call you Wlld Goose any more!) this has to be seen in close-up to really appreciate all the work and thought you've put into it. It's just a stunning study in black and white. Thanks for sharing the process, and thanks for joining in our challenges!

  6. Very lovely collage and great words! Beautifully assembled piece -expressive and stunning in black and white!

  7. This is truly fantastic…

    The 20’s is my favorite period.
    I use to work for a woman whose heydays were in the twenties.
    She use to tell stories that were shocking and I am one who is not
    shocked easily…


  8. This is fantastic! I love your vintage (flappers?) women. You've created a wonderful collage. And the words are great.

  9. This is quite wonderful and the layering makes it appear 3-dimensional. Love the quote and I might add you are never too old :-)

  10. Love to read the comments...thanks loads!
    Seems the older I get ( especially now that the "wee ones" are out and about at 18 & 21...FREE AGAIN )!.... the more these kind of sentiments appeal!
    Chris/aka WildGoose

  11. That's a lot of layers! You put a lot of effort into this! It evokes such a vintage feel too. ~Lori

  12. This is an artpiece! Love the way you have put everything together, and with so many layers... WOW, it's absolutely amazing!!!

  13. Your work is always superb and this one is excellent
    hugs June xxx

  14. Wow!This is just Gorgeous,love all the layers and the black and white.Gorgeous work!

  15. I'm blown away! This is wonderful.

  16. Wonderful piece! Always drawn to this music and your artwork really made me want to go listen to some Bessie! Also love Cactus Cat!

  17. Love the composition of all these memorable women and the song - so great that you shared how it came together! Fab piece of digi-collage! =)

  18. Lovely work !!

    I really enjoy your comments by the way :D You make me laugh when i sit at my pc ;) The corset is supposed to be the "corset" that is our society when it comes to being creative and giving form to our artistic endeavours :D