Monday, July 27, 2009

Venice by Moonlight

Title :       Venice by Moonlight
Darkside Challenge:     Masks
The How:     PSE 2 / 19 layers

Source Photos:

The Back-ground is such a marvelously evocate one -a turn-of-the-last-Century Postcard- that I left it totally intact; selecting colours and blends and  building the rest of the images around it!

Images taken  from sets of folders I"ve maintained over the years of pictures in the Public Domain for the majority, woman- called Castiglione/ maybe an Italian actress or Opera star?- included.
The recent edition is the huge Mardis Gras mask from a  Public domain Clip Art site.


  1. Very ghostlike...I am intrigued!
    I like that you built around the background as well. :-)

    Leila G

  2. Oh great work my friend. A very interesting and ghostly effect, remnants of the past giving a fabulously atmospheric feel

    thanks for joining in this week ... I love coming here to see what you made
    Hugs June

  3. I love the idea of Venice by Moonlight...really beautiful & mysterious!!! Wonderful job, your art is Great!

  4. This is fantastic! There are so many subtle levels to it. Great design. I really like your work.