Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paris by Night - 1923

Paris by Night- 1923

This is my entry- a piece originally created for a postcard exchange on Wet Canvas - to this week's  Art on the Darkside Challenge to use Gargoyles- those fantastic architectural elements-in a piece

I at first  thought to re-invent it for an entry by cropping it to just the gargoyle, but changed my mind

The back-ground is a shot I took in Vancouver, BC,Canada 2 Summers ago.

A much-manipulated and location-challenged Paris/Paris monuments are over it.

My own B/W shot of a Notre Dame gargoyle is looking into the river where a very young-just-starting-his-mustache Salvador Dali is floating. A bemused Josephine Baker looks on...

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  1. Simply stunning collage ! Love the mix of pics you used :D

  2. Fab piece of digi-art! I love that you've combined images with your own photos too. That's really creative! =)

  3. this is awesome! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Oh I am absolutely thrilled with this one for more than one reason.
    The first reason is that you have found the challenge blog and i have been looking through your art and its very original and wonderfully done. It will be so nice to look forward to more from you.
    Then of course there is this image you created ... TRULY WOW !!! I simply LOVE Paris and Notre dame is my fave building in the world and how the heck did you get such a brill photo of the gargoyle there ? Also my brother lives in Vancouver and its nice to see that too. Then of course that clever Dali floating... wow thats knockout !!
    Brilliant !!!
    thanks for doing this and it will still go up on the board as its recent. I look forward to more from you my friend
    Hugs June x

  5. Wow, this is spectacular! You've mixed a few elements for a great effect. This is absolutely stunning.

  6. Thanks for coming to view, everyone!