Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Embrace

Art on the Darkside Challenge:   Wolf/Werewolf

Combination Imagery:

I couldn't top these finds!

An old French Post Card and the  overlay of a wolf's paw from   Gustave Dore's illustration for Little Red Riding  Hood  

The How:

PSE / 2 layers 

The Why:

It was a full moon !  ( Actually, the night after...but close enough )!                              


  1. Oh my, poor girl !! What a gorgeous and original take on the subject :D The colours are just stunning :)

  2. You´ve got a cool blog.
    I like it.

  3. Oh! You love play with layers like me!!!! :O) We have much fun, haven't we?!

  4. I came back! :O) It's about your comment on my blog: yes, he's a public person, but the title isn't about him. I only transformed the photo just to use it and put him on the egg! "He" is just waiting to be born! :O)

  5. Oh Chris this is a fabulous image and so much fun discovering its not all it seems to be. Excellent work my friend.
    Hugs June xxx

  6. Thanks for the explanation, Luisa!
    And thanks for pleasure!

  7. I saw this over on the challenge site and thought it was a great idea! I love this. And I'm glad you mentioned this challenge on your blog a few posts ago (Gargoyle?). It looks like fun.