Monday, July 13, 2009

Storm Rider

Title:   Storm Rider

Darkside Challenge :   Haunted House

The How:     PSE 2 / 12 Layers

Source Imagery:

Four seperate photos of  the House, Prairie ,Storm & Rider courtesy of the Wet Canvas Member's Photo Archive, Image of Jennie Jerome in the Public on image to enlarge


  1. Oh wow !! You certainly were inspired. I love this one and will add it to art on the darkside panel... brilliant work my friend
    Hugs June x

  2. This is fantastic! You've blended all of the images seamlessly to create a great scene. I like your work.

  3. Gorgeous things you have made again ! The haunted house really gives me the shivers, hihi :D

    I too liked Viggo Mortensen in LOTR, he is one of the players that really did the story justice. Plus he looks delish of course, hahaha :D

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  5. I love your walk on the wildside. Your picture is stunning. Great work.