Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lady Luna and Sir Finn

lady Luna and Sir Finnegan....cats we know and love!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing Spaceball comics!

My bro and I were big super-hero fans when we were kids, so in redponse to a SCI-FI Swap I decided to create my own brand.....introducing SPACEBALL COMICS

Using old 1950's era Planet comics as inspiration,

I did some new backgrounds/re-colured some others, swapped/re-named some characters and designed new covers for a a new image ....the SPACEBALL image!

Digital design altered and re-assembled into physical collages- 1 only of each -for the swap..

( Original designs saved as files to only be re-issued, if ever , as digital - only prints )

Introducing Princess Zara and Space Maiden!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homage to Hitchcock

Thought it was about time to show some of my recent work!

I"m in an exchange about what movies mean to you over at the ATCS for ALL site

MEDIA: Digitally designed collage/ re-assembled as a single physical collage

To keep the ATCS I make one-of-a-kind for the recipient , even while digitally designed , I choose certain layers to isolate and then print out as seperate collage elements to physically re-assemble. Pen or CP might be added, or a water-colour or mixed media base used...

In the case of Homage to Hitchcock, about 4 seperate layers of birds -and a plane - were flattened into the sky back-ground, with his profile shadow to make one collage layer to cut out and put down.

So, 7 into 1 cut-out...the hand, house and field were also laid down seperately.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Make Art for Christchurch!

Art for Christchurch !

What is this about?

February 22, 2011 was New Zealand's Darkest Day. The second largest city, the "Garden City" of Christchurch, suffered a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Heritage buildings were destroyed, lives were lost and the many were left homeless.

Here you are able to "purchase" original art by a selection of artists, by making a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake fund.

Please watch the linked blogger page - as there is much more art to come in future.

How does this work?

To "purchase" one of these pieces, there are three simple steps:
1. email with your name and the number of the piece. It will then be "held" for you.
2. Make a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake fund of $10 or more, make sure you put in an email address for your receipt.
3. Send a copy of your receipt email to along with your postage details.

The piece will then be sent to you by the original artist.

To donate: it doesn't say "christchurch earthquake 2011" you can easily choose it from the drop-box.

So how can you help - as an ARTIST?

You can:

1. Donate money and "buy" art

2. Donate your art for people to "buy" - email a scan to lemurkat:

3. Spread the word!

Post the above link to Art for Christchurch on blogs, facebook, forums, anywhere you think people you know are concerned or can help!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Happy 2011 Everyone.....Hope your holidays were as enjoyable,restful,interesting &/or productive as mine....with an accent on the &/OR!

Will be doing catch-up on displaying here some the more interesting projects and exchanges I"ve been working on and been involved with these last few months for ATCS FOR ALL....STAY TUNED!