Friday, March 18, 2011

Make Art for Christchurch!

Art for Christchurch !

What is this about?

February 22, 2011 was New Zealand's Darkest Day. The second largest city, the "Garden City" of Christchurch, suffered a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Heritage buildings were destroyed, lives were lost and the many were left homeless.

Here you are able to "purchase" original art by a selection of artists, by making a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake fund.

Please watch the linked blogger page - as there is much more art to come in future.

How does this work?

To "purchase" one of these pieces, there are three simple steps:
1. email with your name and the number of the piece. It will then be "held" for you.
2. Make a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake fund of $10 or more, make sure you put in an email address for your receipt.
3. Send a copy of your receipt email to along with your postage details.

The piece will then be sent to you by the original artist.

To donate: it doesn't say "christchurch earthquake 2011" you can easily choose it from the drop-box.

So how can you help - as an ARTIST?

You can:

1. Donate money and "buy" art

2. Donate your art for people to "buy" - email a scan to lemurkat:

3. Spread the word!

Post the above link to Art for Christchurch on blogs, facebook, forums, anywhere you think people you know are concerned or can help!