Saturday, August 14, 2010

QUAN YIN - Chinese Goddess of Compassion

Quan Yin - The Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Compassion is one of 4 cards created for the WATER elements exchange on ATCS FOR ALL.

Patroness of Fishermen, she is sometimes seen standing on water over a lotus- symbol of purity- and a protective dragon-or overcome sea serpent - about her....she is also seen depicted carrying either a vase of merciful water to pour out to those in need , or a willow branch.

Digital design of about 9 layers

Summer 2010 Exchanges I"ve been in!

I haven't written here, but I have been busy creating art!

The other cards in these exchanges - usually 3 different out for 3 back - can be seen over on my ATC"sFOR ALL Gallery page

Some methods:

Constellations were done on coated  scratchboard paper with cp and gel pens...found the surface is so slick anything used to colour photographs  ( like Marshall's photo cps ) works on that surface very nicely!

Tried "scraping" first and found it not my forte'!

The Tiffany lamp postage stamp was built around a last century French fashion illustration, with added collaged elements

The "Apple twins" are a face doubled and cut out.  Image courtesy of WACKY STUFF ,  of FLICKER.

The "Nuptial Visit" is a PD Theatre image I collaged over a water-coloured background over which I embossed feather shapes with cp for the wall-paper.

"The Newfangled Invention " actually WAS an invention...!!

I placed it in the early 1900s, but it actually was invented in the early 1930's...the inventor remains a Frenchman, but with his HEAD SWAPPED for a more EDWARDIAN-looking fellow, following STEAMPUNK-  period"conventions"

Three pictures were combined and layered to make it , and I decided designing it to look like an old studio photo of the period would be fun!

Lu Hai and the three-legged toad

Title: Lu Hai and his 3-legged Toad

1 in a series of 4 designs done for an Asian-themed exchange on ATC’s FOR ALL.

( The link here goes directly to my Gallery, there , to see the rest )

There are many versions of this theme of the good luck and riches toad and his human companion.

I chose to combine 2 Ming Dynasty images of the story I found in the Smithsonian Museum online; the main image is shown here, untouched and as as I downloaded it.

Quite the fun challenge to “clean it up” a bit - left some of the bottom stains in for effect - and frame it with a colour-changed border of a Chinese silk painting I got years ago.

My intention was to print it - and other Asian designs I did - on silk, but found the silk version of light art works much muted; ( nice for Lu Hai- but not the others ).. even with more saturation and set to best printing mode... and the darker prints were just too dark...AH me!
Cotton dulled all prints
Mulberry paper worked well with the darker, but soaked up the lighter!

So with Epson pigment ink and on Epson photo paper it remains!