Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer 2010 Exchanges I"ve been in!

I haven't written here, but I have been busy creating art!

The other cards in these exchanges - usually 3 different out for 3 back - can be seen over on my ATC"sFOR ALL Gallery page

Some methods:

Constellations were done on coated  scratchboard paper with cp and gel pens...found the surface is so slick anything used to colour photographs  ( like Marshall's photo cps ) works on that surface very nicely!

Tried "scraping" first and found it not my forte'!

The Tiffany lamp postage stamp was built around a last century French fashion illustration, with added collaged elements

The "Apple twins" are a face doubled and cut out.  Image courtesy of WACKY STUFF ,  of FLICKER.

The "Nuptial Visit" is a PD Theatre image I collaged over a water-coloured background over which I embossed feather shapes with cp for the wall-paper.

"The Newfangled Invention " actually WAS an invention...!!

I placed it in the early 1900s, but it actually was invented in the early 1930's...the inventor remains a Frenchman, but with his HEAD SWAPPED for a more EDWARDIAN-looking fellow, following STEAMPUNK-  period"conventions"

Three pictures were combined and layered to make it , and I decided designing it to look like an old studio photo of the period would be fun!

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