Sunday, June 28, 2009


Title:    WILD  

The Three Muses Wednesday Challenge:   Create a digital image to match the theme

The How:              PSE 2 / Back-ground layer is black

2d Layer - a  Tiger-in-the-grass photo of our family cat, Ringo / 75 % opacity

3rd Layer- a turn-of-the-century diffuse-glow enhanced fairy

4th layer- a brightened and contrasted - up flutter-by

Text Layers used Slasher typeface with inner glow

Samurai Seaweed

Title:   Samurai Seaweed

The Challenge:  

Create a work of art in a squared format to be part of a digital quilt based on a sample photo of seaweed floating in water

The How:

PSE2 /  about 7 manipulated layers and blends from source photo / shaped into a square with side panels reminiscent of a silk Kimono design



The Project Challenge:

Create a mandala using meaningful, personal imagery and metaphor in Coloured Pencil

The How:

CP on  rag vellum  / seasonly "changed"-to reflect the year- foliage images drawn au plein air in my back-yard / deer image from photograph / circular surround using frottage

Song of the Siren

Song of the Siren

The Challenge:

Visually create an image in  response to a song

The How:

PSE 2/ 13 blended and manipulated layers / NASA and copyright free  archival images in the Public Domain

Also entered as a late response to the Art on the Darkside Challenge site; which I've only just discovered!

Fire Fox

Firefox Creating the Northern Lights

A legend told among the Lapps of Northern Finland holds that a Spirit-being... a magical  Fire Fox roams the Winter landscape.....

When he flicks his tail, sparks fly off into the Night sky, creating the spectacle known as the Northern Lights...

The How:

Photoshop Elements 2/ 5 manipulated and blended layers /Photos courtesy of NASA & the University of Tromso, Norway/Wacom tablet line drawing of fox

The Challenge:

Use the Northern Lights to create an image

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yet another challenge  site , thanks to viewing INDYBEV's site on Blogger, has come forward to entice me in these wee hours of this Monday's name is Theme Thursday!

This weeks theme is Beauty....a theme I have already considered!

My Beauty was an ATC collage/image transfer  I created for an exchange on Wet Canvas.

This gentle, serene and truly beautiful old man was a flower-seller in the holy city of Varanasi, India...

....a place I went, and a photo I took, long ago and far away....but always remembered...

The universality and timelessness of the eternal qualities of Gentleness and Gracefulness say Beauty to me....hence this entry...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doorway to Open Space

Doorway to Open Space is one of the very first
images I created in any image-editing program....

It was created three years ago in response to a 
sudden and unexpected but much needed, brief Hospital stay in the midst of a beautiful and mild Indian Summer!

It's also my first attempt at digital/ print "hybridization", as it combines both an original artwork done in another medium - an oil pastel monoprint -with a scanned -in photo overlay of an old door that reminded me of the door to our old porch from a newspaper ad.

I used a very beginner-type digital manipulation program called Corel Photo House to create it.

I didn't yet know how to create layers - amoungst hordes of other things- but the program let you "drag' in an opened picture onto the background you were working on.

The original landscape monoprint was done in more natural colours, but I think the supposedly soothing, essentially bland colour scheme within Hospital had finally "gotten"to me somehow...

...So when I was out and about again this first back-ground Image I scanned-in was transformed into a virtual Candy-land of colour!


The  Three  Muses

Three members of the Digital Art Quirks group have created a weekly challenge Blog called The Three Muses Challenge; and their second challenge was to create imagery using the theme Doors..

You use any media -or combination thereof - to create your response, publish it on your Blog or site, then upload to theirs adding a link back so that otherswho have also met the challenge can view the entry.

The 3rd challenge - to enter starting this Wednesday - is Wild....

Hope I can start on it - utilizing some layers this time around- soon!


Latest Breaking News....

Last week whilst channel-surfing...I chanced upon a site that specializes in digital-only created art works , challenges and exchanges...I very happily joined!

It's called Digital Art Quirks..
I've signed up for a Summer Post-card exchange and an ATC exchange which will start at the month's end....STAY TUNED!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Space Harvester...almost forgot!

Space Harvester was my entry in last week's WDE....almost forgot about it.....then stumbled on it in that My Pictures folder we all seem to have on our computers, and remembered I said I"d upload if I myself did anything for it...

Being raised a city girl I wasn't sure if it was a combine or a, after listing it's title as Old Farm machinery  I posted the question to my Artist comrades for enlightenment...
....was it to be Space Harvester or Cosmic Combine?

...( my Saskatchewan-born husband knew, but he was out biking )...

A Wet Canvas member also from Saskatchewan told me that the name is linked.... it's actually called a combine-harvester out here in Western Canada....

Any how, this is a photo manipulation to make the turned around C-H look like it should have NCC-001 carved on it's side... Turned into a deep space, dark scene with rust stains turned into comets, and silvery-illuminated metal fixins'...

A commenter said it reminded her of all the man-made space junk we've got floating around our poor little green place....think that articulates it pretty well!

Was thinking in terms of the NOSTROMO space junker in ALIEN...

...and that old SCI-FI TV Show form Britain with that black cat that was turned into a man; RED DWARF......

and SPACE TRUCKERS...and.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Homage to Salvador WIP

One of the good things about my Collage/MM class is the fact that we have tons of assignment options, including self-generated projects, and may work on them concurrently in class or at home.

Love this approach; as I find creating a collaged work lends itself naturally from an initial conception or design to more additions, and changes as one gets further inspired while in the process of image making....."Altered Art", in a different-than-usual- sense of the word...

What you can't do today, you might think of tomorrow!

...and finish next week ...

Our assignment was to create a potrait in/as metaphor....who could be more a living, breathing metaphor than a Surrealist like Dali?

This WIP Homage to Salvador was inspired by this incredible photo of the young Dali in Paris of the 20's, taken by one of his contemporaries, the Artist and Photographer Mann Ray

Not quite sure how to finish this up as yet....maybe with a gaudy-or Gaudi?-styled frame with plastic bugs crawling here and there a la Andalusian Dog?

Or a shadow-box like black surround?

Present size is around 11x17" ( 29x44 cm ), with some elements projecting a bit up from the surface

Have to be careful and not be too derivative......going here-and-there for my metaphors for his metaphors!

One can just see the impish start of that famous, much exaggerated, showman-styled Conquistadoro moustachio!

....which reminds me...I'll have to put a fake bigger one on that little real Conquistador image!

Silkscreen Image

This is the basic graphic image I created to use next week when I start a print run in my Silkscreen class.

It's a simplification and clean-up of a webcam photo taken of my daughter when she was 15....exactly 3 years ago today!

She thinks it's a riot being portrayed as this Film Noir Femme Fatal  I turned the image into;  espcially as IRL she looks younger, of course and has a sprinkle of freckles on her nose and quite wavy brown-not black- hair, as compared to the slicked back midnight hair of the dark lady of darkness...

We both think she should have a string of ex-lovers - including late 40's era Robert Mitchum -arranged streaming around her some way; maybe a carmine-coloured carnation in her hair a la Spanish Dancer....but all that 's in the future!

Just working now to learn the craft!

Have exposed 4  stencil images into the photo emulsion on my screen....the plan is to print the above in a dark colour on differing light or part patterned  back-grounds..

The 3 other stencils based on the above image will be printed in 3 different colours to come together as one....can't wait to upload when they're finished!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Collage Study in Black and White

Here's the first of my Collage/ Mixed Media create a work in B/W emphasizing either movement, texture or both.

I chose to do a sort of free form light-hearted abstract piece emphasizing movement and rthymn.

Created from paper with some added touches of ink, it measures about 40cm/15" in any one direction..

I call it Miro Meets Kandinsky ......or is it more like Paul ( Klee ) meets Vassily?

Monday, June 1, 2009

All Media Week-end Drawing Event

The Week-end Drawing Event I hosted saw many fine entries ; some of which I'd like to share because they will give an idea of some of the work that is done on these weekly challenges.

I encourage you, gentle reader, to check out the WC site I"ve bookmarked here on my sidebar at some point in time...well worth the visit!

Two pictures follow, done in 2 different mediums.

The B/W photo is our younger family cat, Ringo. Here seen "guarding"our hiking boots...

The water-colour pour and follow-up ink outlined picture you see is by Crispur2005.

She gives it the title "Puss-in-Boots"..

The mountain goat photo was taken in Waterton-Glacier International Park; shared by Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA.

The acrylic tile painting you see was done by artastic. It is mounted to mountain stone. She plans to varnish the piece and hang it in her outdoor back-yard space.

Great addition to it , m'thinks!

Most popular subject on the WDE Event

This week-end saw quite a few entries on this particular subject from Artists on the Wet Canvas site. 

I"d like to share one here...

It is a 5x7 oil painting of Jack Big Plume, ( Sarcee Tribe C. 1923 ) based on the B/W  photo you see to your above left taken from the collection of the Glenbow Museum & Archives 

Painted by Deano, who entered it at the 2 hour mark.

This was by far the most popular subject chosen, in part, I believe - aside from being an interesting subject - because it was taken by a professional photographer who obviously knew how to display and enhance the properties of B/W to perfection.

When asked to rise to my "challenge" to portray it in colour; values were easily seen.