Sunday, June 28, 2009


Title:    WILD  

The Three Muses Wednesday Challenge:   Create a digital image to match the theme

The How:              PSE 2 / Back-ground layer is black

2d Layer - a  Tiger-in-the-grass photo of our family cat, Ringo / 75 % opacity

3rd Layer- a turn-of-the-century diffuse-glow enhanced fairy

4th layer- a brightened and contrasted - up flutter-by

Text Layers used Slasher typeface with inner glow


  1. Hilarous Miss WildGoose, but oh boy I hope that wild thing is not going to eat the tiny little sprite.

    Great piece.

  2. Your wild thing has wonderful eyes! Love all of the contrast in this piece.

  3. This is beautiful - and a little bit scary at the same time - and that cat does look wild. (PS - I am chuckling, having just read your comment on my scary man. I hadn't thought of it before but he really does look like Jack Black).

  4. Fantastic take on the challenge. I wouldn't trust that cat as far as I could throw it (that is, if I was in to throwing cats - heaven forbid).
    Hope you will be back for our new challenge "Up, up and away" which opens in a few hours. It is a theme you can take anywhere you want to go.

  5. I love black cats, and the elements you used are so striking together! ~Lori

  6. This is wonderful layering and blending! I've just finished making my way through your blog and I see some beautiful work here. Thanks so much for sharing your talent at the Three Muses!

  7. Haha :D your house-tiger is really looking at the fairy as if its podering, shall i eat her or not ? I wonder if he did ....

  8. Very beautiful how vibrant the colors are. Glad you visited my blog because i am enjoying yours very much :)

  9. Thank-you all for wandering over!