Friday, June 5, 2009

Silkscreen Image

This is the basic graphic image I created to use next week when I start a print run in my Silkscreen class.

It's a simplification and clean-up of a webcam photo taken of my daughter when she was 15....exactly 3 years ago today!

She thinks it's a riot being portrayed as this Film Noir Femme Fatal  I turned the image into;  espcially as IRL she looks younger, of course and has a sprinkle of freckles on her nose and quite wavy brown-not black- hair, as compared to the slicked back midnight hair of the dark lady of darkness...

We both think she should have a string of ex-lovers - including late 40's era Robert Mitchum -arranged streaming around her some way; maybe a carmine-coloured carnation in her hair a la Spanish Dancer....but all that 's in the future!

Just working now to learn the craft!

Have exposed 4  stencil images into the photo emulsion on my screen....the plan is to print the above in a dark colour on differing light or part patterned  back-grounds..

The 3 other stencils based on the above image will be printed in 3 different colours to come together as one....can't wait to upload when they're finished!

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