Monday, June 1, 2009

All Media Week-end Drawing Event

The Week-end Drawing Event I hosted saw many fine entries ; some of which I'd like to share because they will give an idea of some of the work that is done on these weekly challenges.

I encourage you, gentle reader, to check out the WC site I"ve bookmarked here on my sidebar at some point in time...well worth the visit!

Two pictures follow, done in 2 different mediums.

The B/W photo is our younger family cat, Ringo. Here seen "guarding"our hiking boots...

The water-colour pour and follow-up ink outlined picture you see is by Crispur2005.

She gives it the title "Puss-in-Boots"..

The mountain goat photo was taken in Waterton-Glacier International Park; shared by Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA.

The acrylic tile painting you see was done by artastic. It is mounted to mountain stone. She plans to varnish the piece and hang it in her outdoor back-yard space.

Great addition to it , m'thinks!

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