Monday, June 1, 2009

Most popular subject on the WDE Event

This week-end saw quite a few entries on this particular subject from Artists on the Wet Canvas site. 

I"d like to share one here...

It is a 5x7 oil painting of Jack Big Plume, ( Sarcee Tribe C. 1923 ) based on the B/W  photo you see to your above left taken from the collection of the Glenbow Museum & Archives 

Painted by Deano, who entered it at the 2 hour mark.

This was by far the most popular subject chosen, in part, I believe - aside from being an interesting subject - because it was taken by a professional photographer who obviously knew how to display and enhance the properties of B/W to perfection.

When asked to rise to my "challenge" to portray it in colour; values were easily seen.

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