Friday, June 5, 2009

Homage to Salvador WIP

One of the good things about my Collage/MM class is the fact that we have tons of assignment options, including self-generated projects, and may work on them concurrently in class or at home.

Love this approach; as I find creating a collaged work lends itself naturally from an initial conception or design to more additions, and changes as one gets further inspired while in the process of image making....."Altered Art", in a different-than-usual- sense of the word...

What you can't do today, you might think of tomorrow!

...and finish next week ...

Our assignment was to create a potrait in/as metaphor....who could be more a living, breathing metaphor than a Surrealist like Dali?

This WIP Homage to Salvador was inspired by this incredible photo of the young Dali in Paris of the 20's, taken by one of his contemporaries, the Artist and Photographer Mann Ray

Not quite sure how to finish this up as yet....maybe with a gaudy-or Gaudi?-styled frame with plastic bugs crawling here and there a la Andalusian Dog?

Or a shadow-box like black surround?

Present size is around 11x17" ( 29x44 cm ), with some elements projecting a bit up from the surface

Have to be careful and not be too derivative......going here-and-there for my metaphors for his metaphors!

One can just see the impish start of that famous, much exaggerated, showman-styled Conquistadoro moustachio!

....which reminds me...I'll have to put a fake bigger one on that little real Conquistador image!

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