Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crane Maiden - Long Ago and Far Away

Title:     Crane Maiden


Old Japanese folk tales tell of animal spirits such as swans or foxes who choose to take on the form of a human for a while; and even learn to love as a human for a while, but find they must inevitably answer the call to return to the freedom they left in their other form.

This picture depicts an imagined version of such a story; a Crane Maiden discovered coming from the surf onto the land by a poor Japanese fisherman.

The How:

Many blended and newly combined layers of Japanese and Hawaiian antique woodcut prints or paintings.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Frank Sinatra and Josephine Baker ATCS

The Challenge for this week"s Artist Studio Challenge Tuesday on Digital Art Quirks is STAMP PEOPLE.

( you can use the above LINK to access the site and see what other DAQ members are posting for it). 

As of today, there are 5 entries.These new digital art challenges there will run every week.

I used a stamp from a letter I had been sent of pop singer Frank Sinatra; who made tons of vinyl records in his day.

To challenge myself I tried to keep it at  only an hour of work...took me 75 minutes; actually... including looking for images on the Net.... a record for me!

Kept to clip-art and vector images.....whatever I typed in and found I used! Fun card!

Last week's Challenge was black and white digital imagery....I submitted 2 - Young Woman's Blues ( for a 3 Muses Wednesday Challenge ) and Storm Rider ( for a Art on the Darkside Challenge ),  previously seen and commented on here.

I think I will be entering these new challenges as much as I can, as they're not only digital ones, but weekly. 

The other image posted is an ATC done for a trade at DAQ this past July. The theme was "WINGS" . The LINK will take you to the page of others in the exchange, and commentary.

I  positioned chanteuse Josephine Baker above her beloved Paris ( by way of a night -shot of Vancouver, BC,Canada )! At her side is a cheetah...standing in for the leopard she supposedly walked aroud the city of light with back in the 1920"s...figure her costume's feathers suggested wings. This is 1 of a variable edition of 6 colours.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


 FLOWER POWER LINK  :http://www.digitalartquirks.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=580

Just found out one of the 6 variable editioned  FLOWER POWER -themed ATCS I exchanged was received . This was for the monthly Digital ATC Exchange over at Digital Art Quirks. Go to the above link for commentary, and to see other entries. 

The image of the girl was enhanced with psychedelic colours from an old Simplicity sewing pattern. The back-ground flowers were found on free clip-art or vector illustration sites.


Holy slokes, folks!

A whole 2 weeks since coming around!

Here's a little ART NEWS catch-up:

...started a new course at our Art College-( ACAD )I"m off and Etching  for 10 weeks there...

Went on Calgary's annual Art walk/Gallery Gaze/Make-yer-ownArt week-end of Sep 18th with my daughter, we both wound up at Calgary"s one-and-only Printmaker's place  where they were hosting an Alberta Arts Council sponsored Make-Your-Own PRINT workshop!

The up-shot of it was:

the one I did there was one helluva lot better than the one I did at my first "official" Etching class 2 Mondays ago....PLUS under the same teacher...YIKES!!!

I think room for  improvement better be in my future, eh? 

...and just finished up hosting a study of New Zealand Artist RITA ANGUS over on Wet Canvas; where I"m also madly working on creating  PD SUPER HEROES  for an ATC  ALPHABET EXCHANGE over there!

Will upload 'em to PICASA or FLICKR soon!

SUZANNE VALADON will be the next artist studied/ artwok inspiration for the next 2 weeks on Classical Forum.

Will up-date post with actual ART  sometime soon!