Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Black Cat of Craigdarroch

The Black Cat of Craigdarroch
The Challenge theme this week at the Three Muses Wednesday Challenge site is "Moonstruck" .
Title:   The Black Cat of Craigdarroch
 The How:   PSE 2 
Layers:   9 plus writing 
Source Photos:   The sky is one I took on a dark and stormy night here in Calgary, I  also took the photo shown here  of Craigdarroch Castle, a turn-of-the-last-Century coal-baron's mansion in Victoria, the capitol city of British Columbia, Canada the Summer of 2008.  The cougar/black panther is a popularized royalty free image seen frequently in different panther collection alblums on the net..
Inspiration:   Cougars are known to frequent even the populated lower mainland of  Vancouver Island, and sightings have been reported for years. Amoung the reports, occasional sightings of one in the environs of the  Craigdarroch Castle grounds is quite common. What is not commonly seen is the Black variety of Cougar that I portray here; and which seems to me to fit in well with 
a magical  moonlit night sighting
by a meandering moonstruck young laddie !
...do ye ken

Monday, September 7, 2009


Black  September

He was  On the lam, and caught between the brash peroxide blonde and the intriguingly mysterious brunette.... 

 Title:  Black September
Challenge: BLACK / Art on the Darkside 
Layers:  7 plus text 
Source Photos:  Old late 1940's pulp fiction cover , chantilly lace and a snapshot of my casually reclining ( unsuspecting ) daughter 
 Inspiration:  Film Noir