Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Painting Image

Here are the finished images 

Baby Blue  and 

Luna looking Up

Compare them to their  WIPS   below to see the difference!

Photo Painting Exercise

Hand-Colouring Home Printer Photos HOW-TO:

I printed  out my own black-and-white photos to colour with Epson Durabrite inks on Epson Glossy Photo paper.....just de-saturate your coloured ones to turn them into black and white..

The pens and inks I used to hand colour were rated permanent, smudge and bleed-proof....and were they ever! ( Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens- use the brush tipped ones - and  Staedtler Lumocolor pens , Pioneer Gel pens )

The TWO most important things I learned from doing these was:

1.    DO NOT  use pens DIRECTLY on  Glossy Photo looks awful, frankly.......covers all the shadows and gradations of tone up!

The exception is gel pens, which add nice highlights here and there ( see car chrome and cat's whiskers )

2.     Instead USE a damp -not wet - flat sable brush to transfer inks from the tips of your pens TO the paper surface

EASY , no?

I  have uploaded both the experimental first  WIP set and the final work to compare and see the real difference those TWO little easy steps make !