Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crane Maiden - Long Ago and Far Away

Title:     Crane Maiden


Old Japanese folk tales tell of animal spirits such as swans or foxes who choose to take on the form of a human for a while; and even learn to love as a human for a while, but find they must inevitably answer the call to return to the freedom they left in their other form.

This picture depicts an imagined version of such a story; a Crane Maiden discovered coming from the surf onto the land by a poor Japanese fisherman.

The How:

Many blended and newly combined layers of Japanese and Hawaiian antique woodcut prints or paintings.


  1. Well just superb Miss Wildgoose, this is simply wonderful and very interesting.

    I hope your family is better soon.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed the story to go with it.
    I am sorry to hear that you have been under such stress and hope that your husband and child are back at home and recovering in speedy fashion.
    Regards, Marie (aka Ozstuff).

  3. This is beautiful! And it's such a wonderful fairy tale type story too.