Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doorway to Open Space

Doorway to Open Space is one of the very first
images I created in any image-editing program....

It was created three years ago in response to a 
sudden and unexpected but much needed, brief Hospital stay in the midst of a beautiful and mild Indian Summer!

It's also my first attempt at digital/ print "hybridization", as it combines both an original artwork done in another medium - an oil pastel monoprint -with a scanned -in photo overlay of an old door that reminded me of the door to our old porch from a newspaper ad.

I used a very beginner-type digital manipulation program called Corel Photo House to create it.

I didn't yet know how to create layers - amoungst hordes of other things- but the program let you "drag' in an opened picture onto the background you were working on.

The original landscape monoprint was done in more natural colours, but I think the supposedly soothing, essentially bland colour scheme within Hospital had finally "gotten"to me somehow...

...So when I was out and about again this first back-ground Image I scanned-in was transformed into a virtual Candy-land of colour!


The  Three  Muses

Three members of the Digital Art Quirks group have created a weekly challenge Blog called The Three Muses Challenge; and their second challenge was to create imagery using the theme Doors..

You use any media -or combination thereof - to create your response, publish it on your Blog or site, then upload to theirs adding a link back so that otherswho have also met the challenge can view the entry.

The 3rd challenge - to enter starting this Wednesday - is Wild....

Hope I can start on it - utilizing some layers this time around- soon!


  1. I love the candyland colors of your "Doors" entry! An unopened door is a story in itself, don't you think? *** Thank you so much for your kind words about Three Muses AND Digital Art Quirks. For a long time DAQ was virtually the only place for digital art not of the scrapping variety. Now it is evidencing itself as pure digital or in mixed media art on many of the challenge sites. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to seeing you again at DAQ and at The Muses!!

  2. inybev-
    Thank-you for your kindly comments !
    Going to your site just now connected me with another challenge site I hear the siren call to answer...Theme Thursday... a response to the the Beauty challenge is on it's way there....thanks for guiding my way!

  3. Your lovely pastel coloured Doors picture is a feast for the eyes. I'm with Bev on this one, I would love to know what's behind that door! Thank you for joining in the fun and I hope it will be first of many.

  4. I love your digital hybrid. Your beautiful painting makes the perfect backdrop for the door. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge - and hope to see you back on Wednesday for another one. The Sneak Peek will tell you the subject is "Fierce Creatures".

  5. Oooops. I just checked the Sneak Peek myself at the Three Muses and the subject is Wild Things and not Fierce Creatures but I guess they are one in the same - not necessarily animals, of course. There are a lot of wild things who walk upright on two legs!

  6. Beautiful door and background!

  7. I like the contrast of the white door against the colorful background. This looks lovely!

  8. Thanks everyone, for your encouragement...glad to get on board the Digi-Express!