Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Busy Month ...and Up-coming week-end!

The Month....

This past month I started 2 back-to-back courses on Wednesday and Thursday nights at ACAD, our Provincial Art College. They run through mid-June.

I am finding them both interesting and enjoyable; with fine instructors and challenging, varied on-going assignments.

I hope soon to share some of the new work I have created in both courses as they are completed.

The Week-End ....

As the past month has been filled with creative work, so too will bet his up-coming week-end....and hopefully, with many more persons than myself!

The image at right is my Invitation to the week-end drawing event on the Wet Canvas Artist Site starting this May 29th of which I am a first-time host! 

The poster is the very first layered work I created in Photoshop Elements when I first learned how to layer images....way back last year in 2008!

I've updated it with newly-learned selective dodging & burning ( fun stuff )!, and have added new text related to the Art event.

Hosts post 16 varied photos for the participants to use in creating an artwork of their choice. The theme is the variety of scenery,flora and fauna, animals , objects and people that make up the environs of where they live, or places they have been; and are , naturally, expected to comment on all about busy!

In gathering together an assortment of pictures, I"ve learned more about how to upload to the WEB....

Also the various uses/mis-uses of png and jpeg, and about the nuances of compression and possible pictoral quality erosion......wee bit of a tech learning curve there!

My theme will be based around the Wild Rose Country of Alberta in which I live.

Hosts also may choose to issue a challenge.

If I have time to meet it ...I"ll post what I did here!

(PS - the Griffin has been finished...might upload the updated version with some ACAD work next week sometime )

Cheers to All....and see you soon; I"m hopin'!

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