Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Griffin in Pen and Water-colour

Griffin drawn on stretched 140 lb. Strathmore WC paper; outlined with black o.5 Micron pen, then coloured with a combination of Rembrandt Lyra, Staedtler and Inktense WC pencils .On 8x10 ( 20x25 cm)paper, the actual picture is somewhere around 5x7 (13x18 cm ) in size.

At this point, I"m not quite sure how to best approach his wings; but will be doing some spot touching-up with white gouache before preceeding further.... I"ve been told gouache is good for this...we shall see!

The uploaded scan is actually showing slightly blue shadowy sections not there IRL....think my "stretching' was not quite what it should be! No doubt will be turning it over to iron it out a little flatter after the work is finished!

Thought at first I"d try the gold metal-leaf on this; but might just stick to using gold acrylic paint, over the yellow back-grounds, and perhaps on his wing tips....Quite like the intensity of colour in this and don't want to over-do the brightness factor... a little seems to already be going a long way!

I love the faded, faianced ( sp)?  look to the original page, but I would think that this look was indeed, achieved by time....as originally created, and using fresh-minted materials I believe it must have been stronger in both tone and hue; somewhat as displayed here.

As the Bestiary Project is on through May, there's still plenty of time to try out the metal leaf on a third subject, m'thinks!

It's interesting that as one looks at something a day or so after doing it, the mind notices things not seen before.....and , of course, changes !

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