Friday, April 17, 2009

Aberdeen Bestiary Griffin

To the left is the original Griffin portrayal, illustrated in late 12th Century Norman Britain.
It is in the collected manuscripts of the Aberdeen Bestiary of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

The second, seen above and to the right, is my transformation/"take", ( digitally manipulated in Photoshop Elements ) on it if it had been a brass or stone rubbing.

That meets one of the Project's set of self- challenges- to somehow "transform' one's chosen art-work .

Posted on the Wet Canvas Artist Site ( linked above ) is the first step taken in meeting a self-challenge on using seldom-used or new-to-you- mediums. In my case, water-colour and ink are the seldom, and gouache and metal leaf are the new.....

When finished, I 'll upload here...

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