Monday, April 13, 2009

Bestiary Exchange Project

This is an ACEO that I created last year for an exchange . I chose to create a Bestiary - basically a collection of fantastical animal imagery with an accompanying description - of 24 mostly imaginary animals.

The Barnacle Goose legend is one that had been created during the Middle Ages by scribes who were perplexed by the migrating patterns of this particular real-life bird and created a fantastical story to explain it.

These birds supposedly grew on trees!

Starting out in a barnacle shape...any that dropped on the ground perished, and those lucky enough to drop into the sea survived to grow and prosper as geese !

Doing this project encouraged a further perusal of the subject of Medieval Bestiaries and Illuminated Manuscripts.


I volunteered when the opportunity arose in the Classical Forum of the Wet Canvas Artist Site ( see Link ) to create and host a 2 month personal project-based study of the Medieval Bestiary. Go to the drop-down menu for Classical Art Forum and scroll down to the post : Medieval Bestiary Project: There be Dragons!

It runs through April of this month, and May of the next.

There are already some entries ; if you are at all intrigued by this subject, please, do take a look at how some participants are interpreting it!

There is also an short link to an entertaining and profusely illustrated online museum presentation about the evolution of the Bestiary .

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