Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dr.Mary Edwards Walker 1832-1919 / An Incredible and Inspiring Life Journey

Physician-Surgeon, Abolitionist, Women's Rights & Health Advocate, Teacher & Lecturer, Writer, Prisoner-of-War Survivor, Suspected Union spy, Suspected Confederate spy (because of crossing the lines to help civilians-so add Humanitarian),Prohibitionist,Trustee of Woman's Prison, Trustee of Children's Orphanage, Divorcee and Cross-dresser...and last, but not least, US Congressional Medal of Honor winner!

What an interesting life,eh?

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Three Muses Challenge:

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The HOW:

PSE 2 / 24 Layers plus 3 for Writing

Source  Photos:

Public Domain Photos from the Library of Congress Archives (LOC)/The archives of the JFK Library/Public Information Network Group ( & Wikepedia Commons

The back-ground is a Freebie from Zen Textures, and the wee mirror from

The Picture:

Left of the good doctor is her pre and Civil War/Turn-of-the-last-century life...

Coming 'round her starting at the centre are groups of Women, Teens and girls her fighting spirit and advocacy surely changed the future for :

  • Socialists in the  white shirts
  • Washington, DC Area Black Women's Basketball Team & 1902 class of Smith College Basketball players
  • Striking Jewish Teens from NYC Garment District
  • 2 NYC Immigrant little girls playing at being "On Stage"
  • Women's Team of Surveyors and Engineers/ Federal Government Employees
  • 2 women frolicking in bathing suits-oh,my!-on a public beach!

Dr. Mary imagined as a child is on the left, and  in reality as an old woman near the end of her life on the right/ The small frame has a picture of her wearing her Medal of Honour, as shown also on her in her central portrait. 

Her Medal Of Honor

This was the absolutely proudest possession in Mary's life, and hard won.

Congress actually changed the laws for getting it, and tried to get it back from her and 900+ others 2 years before she died.

She absolutely refused, and sticking to her guns as usual, wore it proudly every day until the day she died.

President Jimmy Carter re-instated it to her in 1977.

Think you can figure out why she's inspiring.

My own personal " Blog Philosophy" sidebar, and it's accompanying banners you can feel free to click - way down left yonder- is now headed by a picture of the good Dr.Mary


  1. Fantastic work about a fantastic person! Thanks for introducing her to us - I'm a fanatic reader of women's biographies.

  2. This is fantastic !
    What a great inspiration piece.

  3. Wow! What a fantastic "life's journey"! Beautiful, thoughtful and a wonderful tribute to an incredible woman who had an many incredible experiences in her life's journey. Awesome! Hugs, Terri

  4. I haven't heard of Dr Mary before seeing your loving and beautiful collage but I would love to know more about her. What a woman! Your choice of photos is inspired and I thoroughly enjoyed YOUR journey through the creation of this great work.

  5. Fantastic collage and I learned alot too! Fabulous!

  6. What an amazing collage of an incredible life journey Chris, Dr Mary was definitely a very focused and determined lady. Thank you so much for introducing her to me.

  7. Amazing collage and fabulous research into a very interesting woman's journey through life.

  8. Fabulous and amazing! So, so much to look at and take in. Wonderful.

  9. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker ROCKS!!!! What an inspiring and incredible life she led and at a time when women were handicapped by their gender. I am so glad she never gave her Medal of Honor back. How rude of Congress! Shame on them! Your collage is a wonderful tribute and the images you used would have made her proud:) I am really enjoying your blog and your artwork. YOU are inspiring. Love, Jamie

  10. Wow, you put so much thought and time into creating this wonderful tribute. Take a bow!

  11. Thanks, everyone for stopping by and commenting!
    We aims to please!
    I was actually looking up PD Info for Ernest Hemingway-for the Inspired by Books Challenge- and started looking at war photos...and wound up in the CIVIL know how it goes...I found her Photo, and know it goes!!
    One thing, for sure, I"ll never think about "BLOOMERS" the same way again!(and also have to get back -in-earnest-to-Ernest)!

  12. Another amazing creation, incredible person & journey

  13. Wonderful collage and tribute!!


  14. Amazing …
    Your work is wonderful.


  15. Some people certainly fit a lot into one lifetime! Nice work! ~Lori

  16. Oh your blog is going to make my head spin and take hours away from my other life I can tell - you share so many interesting things. There is something quite remarkable about an artist that shares the research, the details, the purpose of a piece - so much richer in the experience you give the viewer. Very impressive work all the way around. Bravo!

  17. This is a great collage and tribute to her, Chris! I always enjoy coming to your blog.

  18. Wow Chris this is one amazing collage and great subject too.
    Chris the darkside challenge blog i changed the format on has lost the sidebar pics but i will still be adding more as they come in. So as they come i hope it will reinspire you,I wanted to be able to provide some more things on the blog with the extra column so hoping it works out.
    Hugs June x

  19. How cleverly you have combined the 2 week's challenges! I love your work - so seamless and professional. I loved learning about the incredible Dr.Mary Edwards Walker.
    Sorry about the "rabbit hole" on my site!
    Hugs, Laura