Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog Philosophy ....... AND Blog Piracy

                          ...she ain't yer average garden -variety protected flower!

                                    Ship Approaching   by   Howard Pyle

In the politically aware and fighting  spirit of Humanitarian Activist  and  Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, Dr.Mary Edwards Walker and as the result of

something unfortunate happening- concerning copyright infringement- to a fellow artist who also happens to maintain a blog,

Ive decided to further update my sidebar- that scrolly thing of WAY DOWN YONDER- I have under the title:


All buttons & Banners are now Fully Clickable to connect to other sites that have been written by Individuals and Organizations far more articlulate and experienced than I...those already In the Vanguard of some Blogging concerns that I think affect us all...

I would simply and plainly encourage anyone who has ever even had a minor thought about what this little "online universe" really means , in terms of Community and Interpersonal Respect, to reflect what such things mean to them personally; or professionally .....as well as to others....and if so inclined, as was I , to make such things known, in your own way in your own blog, plain  enough for everyone to see and understand...


 TumbleFish Studios brought up the very important issues  of Artistic license and Copyright recently on her blog.

Go back to July 18 to see the full story; or just read the section the entry after on why Y-O-U-meaning us all- should be concerned...

Fortunately, for now, she believes the situation has been  been resolved ; and is taking some interesting steps to follow-up the issue....




...be sure to start looking around Blog-O-Ville for details come September....

That's all Folks!

Back to Art Makin'!


Update : Here's a LINK to the Stop Piracy AD Campaign Group on FLICKR  : 

Join the Group...Join the Discussions....Upload your own poster, if you will....

Here's my pull-no-punches/Take-no-prisoners Favourite from the bunch submitted thus far:

Submitted for use on your Blog in the context of the campaign by briedah......very pro-active thoughts in this one!

Do you know your copyright....and have you stated it?

Do you understand that of others?

...that's what the wee fine print is for!

...or the clickable buttons!



  1. This caught my eye. I tried to find what you were talking about on your own blog, but I couldn't. I'll be back again after I read the link you have here.

  2. Sorry, Anne...looks like I"ll have to award myself the JABBERWOCKY AWARD, or something....ah, well...never claimed to be a writer!
    Think you'll figure it out, though!

  3. Wow! I am impressed! I am just getting to know your blog and having had a very hectic last 10 days or so, just haven't gotten around to commenting and reading everything. I still have a lot of looking to do. You blow me away! I do so appreciate your visits and support on my blog. It means more to me, and actually a lot of us, than you know that you are willing to get involved in the little education campaign we have going. Just want people to think twice before they download and use. So anyway, I'll be back soon to get all caught up with you!