Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hemingway Homage- A Farewell to Arms

                         Ernest Hemingway - A Tribute to A Farewell to Arms

This is my first submission to a series of Literary Challenges issued by Aino's Inspired by Books site. This is my entry for the  Challenge #20  to portray a Nobel prize winner. I chose to do Ernest Hemingway from the time period of one of his first memorable books, A FAREWELL TO ARMS; based on his own front line experiences of WW I.

Reading about his life  again on the JFK Library site; the perspective of South African Nobel Writing winner Nadine Gordimer  quoted by article author Thomas Putnam helped give me a new appreciation of him as both man and writer, that I had not had before........

My youthful assessment of him as a tad too overtly macho for my taste was overshadowed when I was  re-aquainted with his realistic and pragmatic  as well as his  ( link next ) evolving  philosophical view of 20th century warfare......and his personal exploits as a reporter on the front lines after WW I and beyond.

In short, I have a new admiration and respect for Hemingway; and wanted to show that somehow...hence this entry.


The lower left picture is of a young Ernest writing in the grass, and the letters/writings I show scattered here and there are actually from a writing assignment he did when he was in Elementary school...

.....a man who liked hanging out with Gertrude Stein is all right by me!

Title:          Hemingway Homage

The How:     PSE 2/ 21 layers

Source Imagery:

As is my inclination, all historical images are in the Public Domain. Most of the imagery related to Hemingway is from the JFK Library Archives.  Other WW I imagery from LOC/Library of Congress Archives. 



  1. Very great picture. Thank you for taking part and welcome again. I have read some Hemingway's novel and seen a movie about this "A Farewell to arms" and I like it very much. Good choice.

  2. What a great submission ! I also enjoy Aino's challenges because i am, besides a craft-addict, a book-addict and i love to read. Hope to see more of your lovely work there :D

  3. Thank-you, Aino and Meikoningin! I am going to enjoy meeting more challenges!