Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Caffeine?

                                                    Title:     More  Caffeine?
Art on the Darkside Challenge:     WEB
WEB chosen:
In the 1950's experiments were done spraying spiders with various psycho-reactive drugs....the WEB shown is the kind of WEB they wove after having absorbed caffeine.
Source WEB:      An html document from the WORLD WIDE WEB!
Symbolist era painting by  Fernand Khnoph (1891)/ Back-ground ttv from amy higgins of the Noise and dust through the Viewfinder FLICKR group/ PD coffee cup and spider
Layers:     13, natch!


  1. Ohhhh love this !!! So creative an idea. Fab work and brilliant graphic and story behind it ;)
    Thanks for joining in
    Hugs June

  2. Fascinating study... so good of you to share! How weird the results, eh? Your resulting artwork is awesome... I love the image of the dark girl too!
    Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay... was always the start of a marching band number (usually a really bad one!!) and I remember watching those kind of scenes in old musicals in the 60s with my Mum!!! I may have been carnation-fed too, but I can't remeber that!!! =)

  3. I like your web work! It's very cool looking.

  4. ooh, fun. I haven't been by in a while, so thought I would come check it out. and Now when I get confused about the creative commons rights I know who to call. LOL. Seriously, don't you think they could have worded it a little easier? I really like this Roman Goddess of Flowers I'm typing next to. the color variations are fab.
    TTYL cyd :)