Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shades of gray,black and white I

I am once again in love with Black and white...and shades of GRAY!

Victorian age swap - false daguerreotype and newly photo-manipulated photo
Depicted: Aime Millet
Millet was famous in France for his monumental sculptures. His portrait here - placed in front of one of them and aged and embellished digitally - is from an original still amazingly clear studio shot by Felix Nadar c. 1856.

Base Textures, albeit modified ,courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations/aka Skeletalmess

I have used Jerry Jones' wonderfully evocative digital textures as an enhancement to more than a few of my images since I first discovered him as FLICKRS' skeletalmess...he remains one of the most generous-minded and open community spirited artists online.

The "False daguerreotype"beside it is made as follows:

Dissolve 2 Tbs of bar soap shavings into 1/4 cup of hot water
Let cool.
Add 1 Tbs turpentine / Mix well

Print out a b/w image from your inkjet computer onto regular copy paper ( My b/w is the same image as shown in it's digitally coloured version here )
My printer is an Epson pigment-based one, I"m assuming a dye-based printer would work as well-

Paint over the picture, count to ten ,then turn onto bond or water-colour paper
Burnish well with spoon about 1/2 minute....lift it off and check it out!!

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