Thursday, July 15, 2010

Newest ATCS Traded

Thought I"d show what I've been up to, Art-wise, besides digital -work.

I've been in a series of exchanges over at the ATCS FOR ALL Web-site over the past few months; shown above are some of them!

I quite like the set-up of the ATCS FOR ALL trading site... you join a swap -  numerous varied themes are always on the go - and usually have a time limit of 6 weeks to 2 months to complete either 3 0r 6 pieces of art to swap for...3 for 3 or 6 for 6.

The host master/mistress chooses what they consider like for like effort &/or ability wise.. after having been in a fair amount of swaps now I can say that I think generally, the host decisions as to how to swap OUT - whom to whom - are fair, more than not.....You send in to them, and they swap all received cards out to the other traders.

The prime  advantage for me is because I am only making a limited amount of cards within a discrete time span - I usually opt for 3 for 3 -I feel I personally end up actually doing BETTER keeps my initial interest fresh and alive!

I truly believe that attitude works both ways; affecting other participants as well!

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