Thursday, February 4, 2010

ATCS FOR ALL Site & Photography Festival Feb 1-28 2010

Went tonight to a First Thursday Gallery opening at one of my favourite Calgary little eclectic book arts loving Galleries where I made my first ever IN-PERSON-and-IN -THE-FLESH ATC exchange!

I traded with photographer Roberta Murray, who is also known as  uncommondepth  on the ATCS  for All website....I received a print of her fine limited edition  digitally enhanced Alberta parkland photo "Daybreakers" in exchange for my own ( Artist proof)  copy of "Eternity"..

Interesting to talk to an established Artist who  agrees that there is still prevalent a lack of acceptance for the validity and merit of creative photographic art enhanced digitally on behalf of still quite a few out there... 

I"m also in a mail art trade with another member of the site who does lovely digital art from Finland, trading a post-card size copy of my digitally archived but never printed or traded  "The Ghost in the Machine "

We're both quite interested in seeing how long mail takes from there to Canada -and vice -versa!

ATC's for ALL is a PRIMO site for all kinds of trades and swaps ever-changing and fast moving....

One can configure their own Gallery and thus display any cards they want to trade one-on-one; or join one of the active swaps ", there's also forums for swapping art other than ATCS...such as inchies, chunkies, bookmarks or the aforementioned Mail Art...

Have joined:

-a digital "round robin" 

-a 3-for-3 swap on TREES ( any medium )

-a 3-for3 on the theme "Air" ( any medium )

-and a 3-for-3 creating your own hand-drawn and coloured CHIMERA

For anyone at all interested in Art exchanges I most definitely say ...