Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Past

Title:    Christmas Past

Entry:   Art on the Darkside Challenge

Layers: 12 plus words


Public Domain Images of Quebec from The Library of Congress/ Back-ground from FLICKR Free Textures group/Website freebies from online vintage art sites...including an old ad of a particularly spooky and snowflake surrounded Pere Noel/Father Christmas!!


My hope is that the back-ground and surround is convincingly cold and Winter-y in feel ; reminiscent of a block of carved dark-cored ice...


  1. This is a fantastic collage of elements! And it does give the feel of a cold block of ice. I like the spooky Father Christmas. Great idea for this challenge. (I also made a new St. Teresa of Avila tag on my blog. Thanks for commenting on the first one.)

  2. oh wow... i so wanna be able to do digital... this is fantastic

  3. This is SO beautiful ! Love your piece, there is so much to see :D Well done :)